Stay on the move with a pancake compressor

Portable air compressors are a great and versatile item that can be used with mechanic's, handyman or woodworking tools with ease. Of all the different styles of portable compressors, pancake air compressors offer the best combination of power and portability for those jobs that just need a lightweight but strong air compressor that can handle most household and garage tasks.

Pancake compressors are compact compressors made up of an oval or pancake-shaped air tank topped by the compressor motor. These styles are easily portable and take up very little space in your shop. Plus, their portable size comes with an added bonus; they are typically oil-free, which means less maintenance work for you. Your pancake air compressor can go wherever you go, whether that is the back shed or up on your roof for a quick fix-it job.

Around the home

Pancake compressors are great for small jobs around the home because they are easy enough for anyone to use. They are also a great portable compressor for professionals to use in finishing work because of their portability. Pancake compressors are not good for heavy-duty work, however, since their small size means that they won't provide power for larger projects like flooring. If you stick to brand names, you should get a compressor that is pretty powerful, but you will still want to look into commercial or twin tank models if you want a construction-quality portable compressor for your projects.

Because of the pancake compressor's small size, you won't have to shell out big bucks for energy bills. Since these compressors typically run on electricity, you won't have to buy gas, and you will be able to conserve energy since most electric compressors come with automatic start and shut off functions. Plus, the compact power of the pancake compressor makes it less likely to blow your circuits than more demanding models. Just remember to check the airflow output of your compressor before buying tools; you want to make sure you have enough juice for everything you use!

If you need an ultraportable pancake compressor, Sears is here to help. Check out a wide variety of pancake compressors from brands you know and love.

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