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Build a home gym with weight benches from Sears

Skip the monthly gym fees, and start working out at home with your own weight benches from Sears. We have hundreds of name brand strength and weight training products to help you improve your physique. Invest in a Marcy standard weight bench that features a 4-position back pad and a leg curl attachment. It comes with 80 pounds of weights to get you started. We also have individual benches from Best Fitness and PowerBlock that you can use for recline and flat bench press exercises.

When performing a bench press, use dumbbells instead of a barbell. Strength training with dumbbells increases muscle growth even more since your arms have to work separately to lift the weights. You can also isolate each arm with concentration curls and other arm exercises that you can't perform with a straight bar. A 100-pound Weider PowerSwitch weight set provides up to 50 pounds in each hand, so you can perform isolation exercises on each arm or use both dumbbells for bench press, overhead press and other dual-arm exercises. We also carry PowerBlock adjustable exercise dumbbells and Body Solid hexagonal dumbbells depending on your preference.

Investing in weight sets rather than individual weights means that you have enough weight to vary your exercises. As an example, you can warm up with two 10-pound dumbbells to stimulate your muscles and increase blood flow in your body. Once you perform 10 to 15 starter reps, add more weight with fewer repetitions. If you only have two or four lightweight dumbbells, your muscles grow accustomed to the weight, and you reach a plateau. Invest in a Weider Olympic Hammertone 210-pound weight set to ensure that you have enough weight to accommodate light and heavy exercises for muscle growth.

Whether you train for field sports or you enjoy a good outdoor cardio workout, we have track and field equipment for use with a variety of events. Practice your hurdling with Champion Sports lightweight ABS hurdles that range from six to 24 inches in height. You can also find Nordic Pure javelins and Amber Sporting Goods ultimate discuses for track and field training. We also have Champro speed chutes that add resistance when running around the track, and you have access to Amber shot puts and hammer gloves with wrist support.

When you have a weight bench in your home, you have the convenience of working out anytime you want without having to join a gym. Invest in a variety of dumbbells for lightweight and heavyweight exercises, and improve your track and field performance with equipment like shot puts and hurdles. Shop at Sears for more affordable fitness equipment and sporting goods accessories for your home.



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