The Cost-Per-Wear Calculator

Want in on our little shopping secret?

We’re always calculating cost per wear—taking the price of an item and dividing it by the number of times we think we’ll wear it. It helps us to focus on an item’s value, versus its price—however amazing.

For example, we recently considered a major splurge: A classic winter coat for $200. We estimated that we’d wear it 100 times this winter—plus just as often next winter, and the winter after that. (That’s 300 times!) We divided our total cost ($200) by 300 to get our cost per wear: Just $0.67. (How could we resist?)

On the same day, we browsed a sale—and toyed around with buying an edgy cutout top. Trendy? Yes, but it was only $20. Still, as we knew we’d maybe wear it twice, we decided against it. Spending $10 each time we put it on ($20 divided by 2)? So not worth it—in our book, anyway.

In short? Actual cost is just the half of it. In order to do what’s best for your budget, factor in your style habits, and—from time to time—splurge.