What’s Old is New: The Season’s Plaid Trend

A Checkered Past, and Present.
Scottish kilts, ‘90s grunge, Daisy Duke. When it comes down to it, plaid is nothing new; it’s been associated with traditions, trends and people for centuries. But, this season, it has an altogether-different feel—and it was clear from its first sightings on the Fall/Winter runways.


Designers put a new spin on the familiar print by showing it on modern silhouettes and paired with unexpected motifs. Think the Royal Stewart tartan with classic leopard print, grid-like checks on minimalist sheaths, rugged plaids on tailored coats, we could go on and on.

The resounding message? Once again, plaid is a staple—particularly when styled outside past seasons’ box. (We like it best with dark skinnies or black. As for Daisy Dukes? Store them ’til spring!)