Love Story: Your Blue Obsession Explained

It’s classic denim, the sea and sky, Smurfs, berries and Facebook—for starters. Indeed, the color blue has many associations, but—regardless of what it conjures—it’s a hit, hands down. See, it’s long held the spot of the world’s favorite color—and there are scientific reasons it could stay there forever. These are just a few.


1. Survival
It’s an evolution thing. It’s tied to blue skies, which—for years—were necessary for survival, as they signaled good water sources and weather.

2. Loyalty
It symbolizes dependability, loyalty and trust—which makes it the perfect color choice for a job interview look.

3. Cleanliness
It points to cleanliness, wellbeing and good health—which may explain why it’s the choice color of scrubs.

4. Relaxation
It’s known for its calming, relaxing effects. Hitting the spa? Expect to see it in spades.

5. Productivity
It has a reputation for enhancing productivity and creativity—so it’s a great paint option for any workstation or study.

6. Power
It’s linked to power, dominance and authority—so wear it when you’re hoping to appear strong and mighty.

7. Focus
Whether you know it or not, it makes you more focused and alert—so put it on in the morning and dodge the afternoon slump.