Beachy Keen: Your Guide to Summer-Proof Hair, Makeup + Nails

Whatever your routine, summer will wreak havoc on your skin, nails and hair—that is, unless you go in prepared. Lucky for you, we’ve got your guide to fighting chlorine and more like an expert.


For starters, you’ll want to use a leave-in conditioner both to retain your hair’s moisture and help shield it from the sun. On those days you’re headed straight for the water? Skip sudsing up (What’s the point?) and get by with dry shampoo. A floppy hat will do wonders to protect color, while a topknot or braid will keep a sweaty hairline in check. Looking frizzy? Just work in a silicone-based serum. Ready to jump in the deep end? Soak your hair with clean water first. (It will be harder for chlorine to penetrate it!)

The hotter it is, the harder it is to keep makeup on, so—when foundation is in the plans—prep your face with a color-setting primer. Hitting the beach? Trade both for a tinted moisturizer or a bit of concealer, for the sake of clear pores. Clear mascara is always a safe bet, as are waterproof products like liner and shadow. (They won’t run!) To avoid a cakey look? Switch to cream-to-powder products and fend off sweat with ultra-matte powder. Finally, keep a fresh look and feel with cleansing wipes (Remove melted makeup on the fly!) and oil-blotting papers.

Painting your nails in an utra-bright color is the most affordable way to accessorize this summer. The best part? It’s as functional as it is fashionable, as polish serves to protect from summer elements. (Chlorine, A/C and the sun make nails brittle!) Just be sure to start with two layers of a basecoat to prevent color from “baking in” with the sun (which will result in yellow-tinted nails). And, keep your hands and feet moisturized between mani-pedis to maintain a fresh look 24/7.