The searsStyle Staff’s Cold-Weather Style Secrets

October 17, 2014
With fall in full swing and winter fast approaching, we’re already thinking about cold-weather dressing—and focused on the question we face every year: How will we stay warm without sacrificing our style? So, we turned to some of the most stylish people we know. Read More

Behind the Seams: Designer Gigi Musarra on the New Metaphor

October 13, 2014
Superfans of the original Metaphor, we got excited as soon as we heard the news: The entire collection is getting a makeover! So, of course, we decided to get the full scoop. Our source? Our go-to at our NYC design studio, Gigi Musarra, the head of women’s design. Read More

5 Minutes With BONGO Girl Vanessa Hudgens

July 22, 2014
Lucky us! Not only did we get to hang out on the set of BONGO’s latest, back-to-school photo shoot, but we got the chance to corner BONGO girl Vanessa Hudgens for a quick Q&A. Read More

Wish We All Could Be California Girls: Model Donna Feldman Shares Her Secrets

June 18, 2014
We’ve always seen the start of a new season as a time to update our beauty routine and workout. So, we decided to corner an expert for tips on making the transition to summer. Enter Kardashian Kollection model Donna Feldman. Read More

Blogger’s Picks: The New Musts in Plus

April 10, 2014
Super-excited to show off our latest plus-size styles, we decided to give one of our favorite bloggers a sneak peek. The lucky fashionista? Alissa Wilson, the editor-in-chief of the popular “Stylish Curves.” Read More