It’s official – spring is making a comeback! This week, celebrate by stopping to smell the flowers and going green for St. Patrick’s Day. Speaking of spring, we’ve got our eye on a new dress or two. And with the launch of our newest lines, Simply Styled and Simply Emma, our spring wardrobes are really coming together. Here comes the sun – are you ready?

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March 13: Daylight Savings
True, you’re losing an hour today – but you’re saving 15% on apparel!

March 14: The Simple Things
Shopping for essentials? Check out Simply Styled.

March 15: Curves Ahead
Simply Emma, our newest line, is made to fit your curves.

March 16: Levi’s LPOS
It’s on – Levi’s are at their lowest price of the season.

March 17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day
Go green or go home!

March 18: Season of the Dress
Mini, maxi and more. Get your twirl on!

March 19: Spring to Life
Stop and smell the flowers – it’s the first day of spring.