Summertime Fashion: When School Uniforms Go Back in the Closet

Summertime Fashion: When School Uniforms Go Back in the Closet - Sears

Your kids have been looking forward to the day when they can stop wearing polo shirts and pleated school uniform pants, and it's finally here. School is out for summer and it's time to ditch the uniforms. Kids of every age are excited to express themselves through their clothes, especially when they've been wearing mundane uniforms for several long months. The longer, warmer days means more hours to play, as well as more hours to show off their sense of fashion. Children are never too young to have their own summer wardrobe, and the options for children's clothing are endless. You can never have too much summer clothes for kids, regardless of where you live.

Shopping for boys' clothing may be easier to shop for, but girls' clothing is always exciting too. Some parents like to dress their children as miniature adults, while other parents want to let their kids be kids and scrape their knees. There's always room to compromise. Let your kids choose their clothes when you go shopping and let them mix and match when getting dressed. 

Summer fashion for boys

Boys like to play enthusiastically regardless of what they're wearing. Make it easier for your son this summer by investing in cargo shorts. These boys' shorts are meant to survive his active spirit. Whether he's running around the playground or learning how to skateboard, these shorts are both durable and cool. Of course, those aren't the only shorts that will make him look tough this summer. Plaid, checkered and colored shorts are a huge statement for boys this summer. Buying shorts for boys doesn't have to be difficult, especially with all the sizes and styles available. Paired with bold graphic t-shirts or button-down shirts, your son will make a huge impression this summer. Dress your son in hip and stylish clothes that will make the little girls fall in love with him.

Summer fashion for girls

When you think of little girls, you instantly think of light summer dresses. Many are sleeveless, some are short sleeved and all are exceptionally adorable, especially on your little girl. Little girls love bright colors, like pink, and it won't be any different this summer. Sundresses for girls are always light in color and airy in fabrics. Buy sundresses for girls with fun colors, patterns and styles; you're little princess will feel posh and proper no matter what dress she wears. From polka dots to stripes, and embellishments and bows, she'll be the sweetest looking girl in the park. Cotton dresses are the easiest to wear, since little girls can just slip them over their heads and go. She'll look like a mini version of you with the right accessories, hairbands and shoes. Besides, imitation is the best form of flattery, and what mom doesn't love that.

Summertime fashion is more than just pretty sundresses for girls. They like to run around and scrape their knees too. When it's time to get down and dirty, but still look like a lady, shorts are great for summer fun. Although denim is a wardrobe stable for kids and adults, go beyond jeans when buying shorts for girls. There are so many different fabric shorts for girls, and girls' fashion allows her to wear printed and colored shorts. Many girls' shorts always have some sort of embellishment or accessory, whether it's small fabric patches, stitched flowers or a brightly colored belt. Make getting dressed faster for your daughter by getting a few fun patterned romper shorts. Little girls are delicate little ladies with a sweet disposition, so it's only natural every aspect of her clothes reflects a more dainty side.

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