Swimwear Guide for Juniors: Find the Latest Juniors Swimsuits Styles

School is out for summer, which can only mean spending time at the pool or beach. Soaking up some sun after spending months in a classroom or many long days at the office is relaxing for kids, teens and adults alike. Before you head out to the beach, you'll need to find yourself the perfect swimsuit. With so many styles available from brands like Bongo, it's helpful to have a swimsuit guide describing each type of swimsuit suit available, especially for women and juniors. Many of the latest styles in swimwear are geared toward juniors, but even they need help picking out the right swimsuit for their body type and personal style. Not sure what types of swimsuits are out there? Read more to learn about the popular styles in swimwear.

Types of Bikinis

The most popular swimwear for teens and young adults is the bikini. These two-piece sets are perfect for the confident young woman to wear to the pool. True, some bikinis have a striking resemblance to bra and panty sets, like the push-up bikini top, but there are other juniors' swimsuit styles as well. Most juniors' swimwear is triangle-shaped string or halter tops. However, the latest styles in swimwear for juniors are bandeau bikini tops. Bandeau tops cover only the bust, much like a strapless bra, but do not have cups like a bra would. These usually single fabric tops either have twists in the center or embellishments and fringes to add textured designs. While some juniors and women have a preference in their bikini style, using a swimwear guide will help determine which style is right for every body type. 


Is it a one-piece or a misguided two-piece? A monokini is, in fact, a one-piece bathing suit. From the back, monokinis look like a bikini, but the front is all one piece. Unlike traditional one-piece swimsuits, monokinis have large cutouts on the sides, back or front and come in variable shapes and styles. Monokini styles range from a V-neck, cut-out sides or a combination of both. Some monokinis look like bikinis with a thin piece of fabric holding the two pieces together, others have a wider area covering the tummy while still exposing the sides. What connects the two pieces together isn't always fabric though; it can be chains, hoops, mesh or knit. Monokinis can either be halter, ring neck that has straps from the center of the top, one-strap or bandeau style. This latest style in swimwear is perfect for juniors who want the sexy feel of wearing a bikini, but still want the security of a one-piece. Juniors will be able to get the best of both worlds in a monokini.


For juniors and women who aren?t completely on board with the concept of the monokini and would rather have a two-piece that still feels like a one-piece, tankinis are perfect swimwear choices. Tankinis create the same silhouette as a one-piece bathing suit but have the versatility as a two-piece. Mix and match tops and bottoms, whether you prefer hipster bottoms and a halter tankini top or string tie bikini bottoms with a tank top tankini.

There are many different juniors' swimwear styles available today. No longer do teens and women have to choose between basic one-pieces or the similar style two-pieces. With all the latest styles in swimwear available, women and juniors are bound to find a swimsuit to fit their body shape, their bust size and their personal sense of style while look bangin' at the beach. Before you head to the beach or lie out by the pool, make sure you browse Sears' collection of women's and juniors' swimwear styles.

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