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Protect and decorate your dining table with placemats from Sears

Setting your table requires more thought than simply plopping down a few dinner plates flanked with napkins and cutlery. For starters, consider your furniture by putting down placemats to protect your table from common wear and tear. Next, reflect on the occasion, from day-to-day dining to holiday entertaining, and select appropriate placemats to match. Finally, keep your decor in mind by coordinating colors and patterns of placemats with the overall scheme of your home. Sears has the perfect placemats to guard or garnish your table, from favorite home brands like Cannon and Tag.

Sitting down to meals on a daily basis provides endless opportunities for heat, spills and scratches to damage your furniture. A set of protective placemats, however, can help keep your table looking like new for many years. Just slip them directly underneath your plates, or layer with tablecloths, table runners and other linens, for a quick and easy way to maintain wood tabletops and other surfaces. Cloth placemats absorb moisture and serve as non-scratch buffers, while vinyl versions provide a slip-resistant surface that helps keep dishes from sliding and spilling. This is a feature you'll particularly appreciate if you're feeding a family with children.

Go with inexpensive placemats for routine meals, and keep a more formal set on hand for hosting dinner parties or holiday gatherings. We have easy wipe-clean mats that are perfect for little ones' lunches, and machine washable fabric mats for casual dinners. Table placemats with finer weaves, satin fabrics, lace trim or decorative embroidery are your answer for furnishing a fancier table, whether you're serving up a romantic dinner or putting on a sophisticated fete complete with china, silver and cloth napkins. Look for seasonal placemats, too, that feature festive images when it's time to invite the extended family for a traditional holiday celebration.

No matter what type of occasion draws diners to the table, make sure your placemats complement your decor. Add color and texture to your table while enhancing walls, curtains and other decoration with placemats in various shapes, popular hues and stylish patterns. Find round and rectangular, florals and stripes - even braided, pleated or basket-weave placemats to grace your table. With a unified color scheme and placemats that pop, you're ready to get down to fine points of presentation, adding crystal, candles, and napkin rings for a table that not only invites, it impresses.

Next time you serve up a family-style dinner or lay out a lavish spread for close friends, finish every setting with placemats from Sears that are both practical and attractive. You'll preserve your furniture for many more meals and enhance the aesthetics of any dining space with our plentiful selection and proven brands.



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