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      Shine light on the subject with eReader lights

      Read your e-book easily in low light when you use eReader lights from Sears. We carry a full selection of eReader lights and tablet accessories to make your reading experience more enjoyable. Select from clip-on lights with flexible necks for directing the light, or opt for handheld eReader lights that also shine light on your books and magazines. Whether you read in bed at night or in a room with minimal light, get the e-reader lights you need for reading in the dark.

      While clip-on lights work well for directing light directly on your e-reader, handheld lights come in handy to shine light elsewhere in the room. As an example, use a handheld e-reader light to locate your glasses on the night table without turning on a table lamp and waking your partner. We also have magnifying glasses with built-in LED bulbs for shining light on your e-reader and enlarging fine print. From clip-on lights to magnifying glasses, there are many book accessories to enhance your reading experience.

      Some tablets and e-readers have backlights that provide enough light for viewing web pages or e-books with sufficient light in subpar lighting conditions. You can use an e-reader light if you have a device with e-ink, which mimics the look of a real book. With an e-ink e-reader, you can use either a dedicated e-reader light or book lights. Both types clip on to the e-reader and angle the light directly over the screen. Whether you would like to have a light source for your e-reader or book, you can find book lights with magnifying glasses for improving the way you read your book at night.

      Compact e-reader lights fit conveniently in a case or in your pocket if you plan to read on the go. Lights such as our LightWedge Flex Neck have durable clips that attach easily to e-readers, magazines and various books in hardcover and paperback. In addition to our e-reader lights, we have accessories such as screen protectors and antiglare screens for your handheld device. Using an antiglare screen protector prevents the amount of glare you see when you use a light with your e-reader. The screen protector also minimizes scratches and grease buildup on the display.

      Read your e-book easier in low light with e-reader clip-on lights. View fine print easily with a handheld magnifying glass and invest in a book light that attaches to both hardcover and paperback books. Stop by your local Sears, or shop our massive online store for an even bigger selection of name-brand tablets and e-reader accessories for your home.


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