Tailgates to trailblazing: Take your portable gas grill on the road with you

You may have a monster grilling machine at home, but you miss it when you are on the road. After all, why should all of your great outdoor meals take place in your backyard? Charcoal can be cumbersome and dirty to use on the road, but perhaps not as cumbersome as hauling your large propane contraption around. There are many styles of portable gas grills on the market today that can help keep your outdoor dining fresh and fun no matter where you are.

An economy portable gas grill is a good choice for picnics or summer beach outings. These grills are cheap and can handle the wear and tear of quick getaways and one-day outings. Since these grills spend most of their time on the move, you want something lightweight and durable, but not so expensive that you'll have to choke back tears when your niece drops it on the way to the picnic table. Many compact portable grills run off of a small propane tank that is easy to transport and use.


Weekend adventures

For serious all-day grilling adventures, you might want to look at a more high-end grill. Portable gas grills for tailgating and regular weekend adventures tend to be made out of sturdier materials and offer larger capacity for grilling more steaks, burgers, hot dogs and brats. Serious tailgaters will love grills with fold-out prep surfaces and bun warmers as well. If you commonly find yourself in competition with other grillers, then you will want to spend the money on a quality name brand grill that delivers consistent cooking power and can handle the wear and tear of traveling from game to game. Check out portable gas grill reviews to see what other tailgaters prefer to use on game day.

Like tailgaters, avid campers also enjoy good food on the road. If you are someone who liked to grill by the glow of Christmas lights outside your tent, camper or recreational vehicle, then you will want a high-quality grill that will be the workhorse of your vacation. The best portable gas grill for you will really depend on the amount of space you have in your trunk and your own personal preferences. Several companies make fold-up portable grills that will stow easily in the smallest of cars. If you have a little more room to spare, a fancy portable stainless steel gas grill will make you the envy of all your campsite neighbors. A larger stand-alone grill may have more capacity and heating power than some smaller tabletop models. However, many companies have been working hard to give you a tabletop grill that delivers the same cooking power and capacity as the behemoth on your back patio.

If you enjoy the thrill and flavor of outdoor cooking, then toting along a portable grill is the only way to get a great meal when you are on the road. Choose from a wide selection of tabletop and stand-alone portable grills at Sears so you can have the perfect steak no matter where the road takes you.

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