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      Investigate fun with toy spy gadgets

      With the popularity of superhero movies and detective stories, it is no wonder that toy spy gadgets are some of the most wanted gifts for kids. These toys let children act out their most intriguing fantasies as they investigate objects both real and imaginary. Sears knows that toy spy gadgets are great devices because they double as learning tools. Let children explore creatures of the night as they wear their Jakks Pacific Ultra Night Vision Goggles. Siblings and friends can pass messages back and forth to each other with the Spy Gear Matrix Zone Spy Coders Secret Missions Device. Miniature spies can create memories during their investigations with digital cameras that are made specifically for small hands.

      Spy toys offer some of the funnest electronic gadgets for kids. The Spy Gear Spy Video Car is an all-in-one toy for boys and girls alike. They get to enjoy the thrill of a remote-controlled car with the wonder of a mounted video camera. Combine gadgets like these with electronic pets like a Furby or a Zhu Zhu Pet to give the child in your life new ways of looking at the world. Electronic pets give kids the learning experience of what it means to take care of an animal. Let them outfit their new Bossa Nova Robotics Skylee Lovable Dragon with a Whistler Wirels Inspection Camera to create their own spy sidekick.

      No private investigators are complete without their own database. Some spy kids might prefer to use a journal to record their findings. Others believe that toy laptops are the perfect spy accessory. Younger kids can choose from simple toy laptops that are preprogrammed with learning games like the Barbie B-Book Laptop. Those secret agents that are slightly older might benefit more from a tablet that offers games as well as word processing and even limited Internet access. Tablets and toy laptops that allow you to upload images are great accompaniments to digital cameras.

      It is always exciting to watch a child open new presents. Toy spy gadgets are some of the most intriguing and unusual, which also makes them the most memorable. Create a gift basket for a child's birthday, a holiday or as part of a get-well treat. Include inexpensive spy toys like Westminster Rearview Spy Glasses and the Vibe Multi-Function Headlamp. Add to the basket some gaming magazines and a pen and pad of paper. Complete with a selection of sweet and salty treats that they can eat while they are on an imaginary stakeout. A gift like this would be a true hit.

      Sears has a selection of toy spy gadgets that are made for investigators of all ages. We can help you find the best toys at great prices. From audio listening systems to toy alarm pads, the spy games are underway in only a few clicks of the mouse. Shop Sears to find a gift for the junior investigator in your life.


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