The bench sander and other power tools you need to start your wood shop

If you want to have a great woodworking shop, you have to start with the basics.  Not a lot of people have a couple thousand dollars to spend on a shop right away, so you will want to start with a few items, and then grow your shop from there.  If you search the internet for a list of essential woodworking tools, you might be overwhelmed by the massive list that most handymen will give you. However, you really don't need a whole lot to make some basic cuts.

You can usually get most home improvement stores to make basic lumber cuts for you at a small fee, which means you won't necessarily need a whole lot of specialty saws in your shop from the get-go.  However, you will be on your own for finishing work, which means you will need at least one table sander.  If you think you will be doing a wide variety of projects, then you will probably want a combination bench top sander that includes a bench disc sander as well as a bench belt sander.  Bench sanders stay in one location, and allow you to work the wood instead of worrying about messing with an unwieldy hand power tool.

Power tools

You can get by with a few basic power tools that run off of electricity, although some woodworkers prefer tools that run off an air compressor, mostly because it provides a little more power than an outlet and it can be used for cleaning up sawdust when the job is done.  You will need a drill to help you quickly drill holes and install screws into your project.  You may also want an impact driver or electric nail gun if you know you will be installing a lot of nails.  A finishing sander is a good tool to have when you need to make your project perfectly smooth.

Measuring devices

These are not the first tools you think of when you imagine all the items you need for your wood shop, but they are some of the most important.  Accurate measurements ensure the perfect fit, especially when you are trying to mitre corners or fit pieces together perfectly.  You will need several squares, rulers, measuring tapes and markers to ensure that each cut you make is a perfect cut.

If you need help choosing tools for your woodworking shop, let Sears help you out.  Knowledgeable associates and a helpful online community will help guide you to the perfect workroom set-up in no time.

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