The benefits of a firm mattress

When you imagine a good night?s sleep, you probably think of falling asleep in a soft and dreamy cloud.  While those soft and fluffy mattresses feel wonderful for snoozing, firm mattresses can offer a great night?s sleep as well.  Hailed by orthopedists, firm mattresses can help many people who suffer from joint pain, back issues and general sleep disorders.

Mattress firmness is the key to a restful night?s sleep.  Too soft, and you won?t be supported; too hard and you will toss and turn as the bed hits pressure points all over your body. Some people with back problems find that the firm or ultra-firm mattresses give them the support they need to keep their spine in alignment, while others prefer a medium firm mattress with a pillow top, offering the dreamlike comfort of a cloud with all of the firm support needed for tired muscles and achy bones.

Firm mattresses can last longer than their softer counterparts.  Particularly with low-budget mattresses, the firmness will add a couple of extra years to useful life before the mattress breaks down completely.  With stronger springs and denser materials, they tend to take a little longer before they reach a stage where they can no longer be used. The best firm mattress manufacturers will offer a warranty or guarantee on the materials to ensure that your mattress stays firm for years to come. Most mattress experts suggest that you replace the mattress every 8-10 years, since mattress materials will break down over time.  Plus, mattresses get full of dirt, sweat and dead skin cells over time so it is a matter of hygiene as well.

Great for kids

Firm mattresses are also great for kids. When you are out selecting cribs for your new baby, you have likely noticed that you can only buy a firm or extra firm mattress for your little bundle of joy.  This is because firm mattresses seem to help prevent SIDS.  Plus, firm crib mattresses are great since you should put your baby to sleep on his back for the first year of life.  This ensures that your baby?s back will stay comfortable for that long period of back sleeping.  And when she starts bouncing up and down on that mattress, you will be thankful that your mattress was designed to last a long while.

Begin your mattress search by doing a little research into various brands and types of mattresses available.  Whether you want a soft or firm mattress, reviews are a good place to start.  See what people say after 1, 5 or 10 years on a particular brand of mattress.  Then check consumer sites to see what the official reviewers have to say about current models. This will give you a starting point for your search, as well as help you set your budget.  Then, go into the store to try out your favorites.  You should lay on each mattress for about 15-20 minutes to get a good feel for how it will hold up as your body weight rests on it over time. 

Let Sears help you find the perfect mattress.  Come in today to try out several floor models that are guaranteed to give you a solid night?s sleep.

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