The benefits of maternity sleepwear

In those last days of pregnancy, you might think a giant t-shirt and your husband?s pants make for a great sleepwear outfit. Such an ensemble is probably very comfortable, but you owe yourself something nice, comfortable and form-fitting when you are at the end of a long pregnancy. Maternity sleepwear is designed to help you move around easier, especially for those late-night trips to the bathroom. Additionally, many maternity sleepwear sets easily convert to nursing tops once the baby arrives.

A basic maternity sleepwear set consists of a nursing camisole or shirt and a set of stretchy pants. These are made with soft, breathable fabrics like cotton. You may love your husband?s sleep pants, but let?s be honest; they aren?t as soft as maternity pajamas. Maternity nursing sleepwear does double duty as well; you won?t have to fumble with extra layers of clothing as you sleepily feed your baby. The best types of outfits are the ones that require the least work. A sleep chemise with a crossover top allows easy access to the breast for infant feeding and quick trips to the bathroom for you.

What to consider when shopping for maternity sleepwear

Depending on the season, you may opt for different sleepwear. Maternity pajamas can be found in both winter and summer seasons. If you don?t have air conditioning, you may just want to wear a pair of shorts and a nursing bra to bed. On the other hand, long-sleeve tops can keep you toasty warm in the winter months. Nursing camisoles are another great option for versatile use. If you have a rough morning with swollen feet or the new baby, you won?t have to worry about changing into a top when someone rings the doorbell. On the other hand, your old maternity robe can still cover your belly in a pinch.

When it comes to maternity sleepwear, nursing styles aren?t your only option. Some women find the hooks on nursing bras or camisoles to be uncomfortable for sleeping, so you may just want to stick to a style that fits your belly. Maternity-only sleepwear usually falls into one of two categories: form-fitting and bump showing, or light and flowy. If you like something that hugs your new curves, then try a ruched shirt. If you need a little room to breathe, then an umpire design will be great for you.

When to shop for maternity sleepwear

When you are registering for cribs in the second trimester, it might not occur to you to start looking for great deals on maternity and nursing sleepwear as well. If you start early, you are bound to catch a good maternity sleepwear sale at some point in your pregnancy. These sales sometimes take place along with baby gear sales, or often you will find them during season changes. You can stock up on nursing essentials that will get you through the end of your pregnancy and through those first few months of middle-of-the-night feedings.

Maternity sleepwear is a welcome luxury for expectant mothers. Whether you are looking for something soft and comfortable, or something that will do double-duty, look to Sears to get you in the sleepwear you need.

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