The benefits of resin vs. wicker patio furniture

Most wicker patio furniture is resin these days and for good reason. It's weather-resistant, comes in a variety of colors and styles, and you don't have to worry about getting splinters as you do with wicker.

Wicker is the word used to describe grasses, plants and vines woven to create furniture. Wicker is usually made of willow, bamboo, reed and rattan. The woven materials make a beautiful pattern. Wicker provides a classic look for outdoor furniture.

Because it is made of plant material, wicker will degrade over time. Rain, snow, sleet and moisture in general will cause it to rot. Insects can damage wicker. Heat dries out wicker and repeated exposure to cold will make wicker brittle. It can also splinter. These issues often point people toward caused many people to choose resin. Resin is a natural or synthetic material woven to look like wicker. Underneath the resin, you'll usually find an aluminum frame. Resin wicker won't rot when exposed to moisture, it's not prone to insect damage, heat doesn't dry it out, cold doesn't make it brittle and it's UV protected to keep the sun from fading the color. It's durable and you don't have to worry about it splintering. You don't have to paint or treat it regularly to keep it looking like new. And you don't have to invest in covers to protect it from the elements. You still get the classic look of wicker. To top it off, it's less expensive than wicker.

A variety of options

Whether you're looking for a bistro or dining set or patio seating, you'll find furniture made of resin wicker. You'll also find a number of other pieces. For example, if you're having guests over for a meal, you can purchase a resin wicker serving cart on casters. Load up the food inside in your kitchen and roll it out onto the patio. After dishing up the food and serving your guests, you can keep the food on the cart where it's handy for second helpings but out of the way, which is convenient if you have a bistro or small table. A resin wicker coffee table and end tables are great pieces to set beside a rocking chair or glider. To stow items you need while enjoying your patio (such as comforters when it's chilly), you can purchase a resin wicker storage box.

The benefits of resin vs. wicker patio furniture - Sears

If you're going to leave the furniture outdoors, make sure you wipe off leaves, flower petals and other natural materials that could leave stains when they decompose. Use a garden hose to spray the wicker, then use a mild soap and a soft cloth to clean all the surfaces. Even though it's weather-resistant, make sure you use a soft cloth to dry the furniture. Because it is a resin, keep the furniture away from objects that produce a lot of heat, such as gas grills. The resin could melt. Even though resin is weather-resistant, most manufacturers recommend you store the furniture if it'll be exposed to extreme cold or heat.

When shopping for wicker patio furniture, give resin a try if you haven't already. Sears can help you find whatever you need to create the backyard you've always wanted.


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