The easy advantage of weight bench sets

Weight benches are an essential item for any home gym. The bench allows you a comfortable place to do your strength training and helps you to maintain proper form and get a good full extension on every exercise. Plus, they don't take up a lot of space like large weight machines do. There area many reasons to get a bench and weight set that come together, instead of opting for a bench with a separate rack.

Many weight benches are made from sturdy, heavy materials that will last a long time. However, it doesn't hurt to have a little extra weight on the base, since you will be using this machine all the time. A bench weight set slides easily onto racks right on your bench. Thus, your weights do double duty as fitness tools and anchors at the same time. If you have kids or rowdy teenagers, this might be a good thing. No one wants a bench to slide out of position during a grueling set of repetitions.


Weight set/bench combinations are also a great way to use a small space. Instead of having separate racks, you are able to utilize the space under the bench for all of your weights. Many weight benches come with spokes for barbell plates, but you can also find some that are designed for dumb bells as well. Make sure to select a spot in the room that can work as a permanent gym; once the bench is loaded with weight, you will not want to move it. Also, consider placing rubber mats underneath the bench to protect your floor from the additional weight.


A plain old weight bench will give you plenty of versatility. But consider getting a few add-ons so you can really get the most out of your workout. Incline or decline bench options allow you to work different muscle groups. Plus, decline benches are perfect for adding a little chutzpah to your abdominal and core workouts. Incline benches allow you to work your upper body at different angles, giving the full range of muscles a much-needed workout. A complete weight bench set may also include attachments for leg workouts as well. After all, slugging around in your work boots isn't exactly a complete lower body workout. If you buy a complete set to begin with, you won?t have to keep running back to the store for new parts.

Whether you want a simple bench set for a small space or all the bells and whistles for a complete workout, Sears can get you started. Come in to look at all of your options and select the perfect bench set for you.

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