The joys of a combination Blu-ray and DVD player

It is always hard to switch from an old video format to a new one. For years, you probably stacked your DVD player on top of your VHS cassette player. Eventually, the market came out with an all-in-one DVD/VHS combination player. Luckily, the switch from DVD to Blu-ray is offering similar all-in-one options. In fact, most Blu-ray players are now automatically equipped to play both Blu-rays and DVDs.

The technology used to play Blu-rays and DVDs is far more similar than the technology difference between VHS cassettes and DVDs. Instead of being a completely different medium, Blu-ray and DVD players only differ in one area: the type of laser used to read the data on the disc. Thus, Blu-ray players just need an additional laser instead of a whole different system in order to play dvds. Thus, you will be able to use one player to view both your Blu-rays and your DVDs on your sweet new LED TV. Just remember to adjust your picture settings when you switch between formats; you wouldn't want to waste the image quality of your Blu-ray movie on standard settings, nor would you want to try to view a regular DVD in high definition mode.

HD DVD Combos

While most Blu-ray players will play DVDs, there are not any combination Blu-ray and HD DVD players on the market. Even though the technology is similar, HD DVDs were once a direct competitor to the Blu-ray market, so you will not find these two mediums together in one player. You can always stack an old HD DVD player on top of your Blu-ray player, but you might be better off just switching your entire collection to the Blu-ray format; the HD DVD format was abandoned in 2008, and no more will ever be made. This might be upsetting if you gambled on the wrong horse, but you will be happy to know that all your old HD DVD titles are now available as Blu-ray discs. Plus, Blu-ray technology has developed so much in recent years that the Blu-ray versions of your HD DVD discs may contain more bonus features and interactive content.

Combination Blu-ray and DVD players are readily available, and are practically automatically included in newer Blu-ray models. With home theater systems becoming more complex and advanced since the advent of multi-speaker setups, gaming systems and screen options, it may be nice to consolidate at least one area and get rid of a couple extra cords. Whether you are looking for an all-in-one option, or just want to upgrade to the advanced features of a Blu-ray system, Sears can help you find the best Blu-ray and DVD player combination for your home theater.

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