The pipe wrench and other essential tools for DIY plumbing work

If you are the kind of person who would rather fix it yourself, then you probably have a pretty extensive tool collection. You likely already own more tools than you could carry in a luggage case, and perhaps your garage is even bursting at the seams. Most people start with simple home repairs and carpentry-style fixes. Once you know how to use power drills, it is pretty easy to fix a baseboard or patch up a hole in the drywall. Electrical and plumbing, however, are a whole different ballgame. If you think you might want to get into some plumbing fixes, then you will first need to make sure your toolbox can handle the special needs of plumbing issues.

A pipe wrench, also known as a plumber's wrench, is an essential item for working some fittings loose. Pipe wrenches look like the letter "C" attached to a handle and have teeth on the inside of the wrench to grab onto those smooth plumbing pipes. While grip pliers are good tools for plumbing, it is the pipe wrench will truly give you the torque you need to work a stubborn showerhead loose. And if you are looking at doing some more serious plumbing repairs on sinks and behind-the-wall pipes, then you will be thankful to have a heavy-duty pipe wrench on hand.

Pipe cutting and soldering

If you are rerouting pipes or need to insert some new pipes, then you are going to have to do a little cutting. A hacksaw is a good rough tool that will help you cut through some items. Make sure you get one rated to cut through metal, so that you don't spend hours trying to cut through a pipe with a dull saw. If you want a more precise clean cut, opt for tubing cutters, which will help when you need things to fit precisely.

With plumbing, you want to make sure that everything is sealed down tight. While o-rings are appropriate for some fittings, others will require that you solder parts together. The most essential tool in this process is a good torch, which will heat up the metal to an appropriate temperature for fusing pipes and fittings together. You will also need flux, an emery cloth and appropriate eye and hand protection for soldering work.

Auger and plumb bob

An auger is a great too for unclogging plumbing. This is not a glamorous tool, but it is one that will solve a lot of plumbing problems without a lot of time investment. Augers come in different styles, but essentially this tool is a big snake that cleans out drains. While chemical cleaners sometimes do the trick, they are not all that great for the environment, and they aren't good at clearing major clogs.

The plumb bob sounds like a fancy device, but it is basically a weight on a string that ensures your pipes are perfectly vertical. It is a simple device that helps ensure your plumbing works efficiently for years, and it is really not much more complicated than a simple level.

Whether you are looking for pipe wrenches or Drain-O, Sears has you covered. Browse a great selection of plumbing tools that will have you fixing pipes like a pro in no time.

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