The simplicity of universal garage door openers

If the remote or control has broken for your garage door opener, universal remotes and buttons are a quick and easy solution that keeps you from having to hunt down a replacement opener from the manufacturer. Plus, if you do get a new motor, you can just reprogram your universal garage door opener instead of buying a new one.

Regular garage door openers, such as the ones that come with your motor, are specifically programmed to work with your model, and typically don't work with others. Universal remotes or buttons can be programmed to most models, which is how they earn the title of being universal. Keyless garage door opener remotes are fantastic to use in the winter, so you don't have to step outside of your car in order to get the garage door open. You can even purchase a universal keychain garage door opener, so it will always be at your fingertips and easy to find. Plus, it is safer than leaving a remote on your visor, since you will nearly always keep the remote in your pocket or purse.

How to program your universal remote

Programming your remote is fairly easy. All you need is your owner's manual and five minutes; no wrenches, screwdrivers or tools required. First, you will program the remote according to the owner's manual instructions. Usually this involves pressing a couple buttons in order to put the device into programming mode. Then you will have to locate the special code for your model of opener. Every manufacturer has a specific code for their opener models. For example, you would need to press the button on your remote four times if you have a Sears opener. Once you have your remote set, you will need to locate the smart button on your garage door opener. It is usually somewhere on the back or side of the motor. Then, you just press and hold down the smart button and your remote at the same time so the two devices can "speak" to each other, and your remote should be set. If your opener does not have a smart button, it may have code switches. You will have to consult your owner's manual to determine the proper way to set your universal device.

Safety tips

As with any remote-controlled garage door opener, keep it in a safe place. While these types of remotes often clip easily on to car visors, they can also help a thief gain entry into your home. If you are going to leave your car in a public place or park it outside of your garage, take your remote out of the car and keep it with you. That way, if your car gets broken into, no one will be able to open your door.

Additionally, you should remember to close your garage door every time you leave your house. Since universal remotes are easy to buy and program, an open door is an invitation for someone to pop in and program their remote to your garage door opener. Keeping your door shut prevents anyone from coming into your garage and setting their remote to your model.

Universal home garage door openers have become a quick and easy way to replace or add to the openers you have. Whether you wish to give remotes to additional members of your family or replacing an old remote that has died, Sears can help you find and program a universal remote to work with your garage door opener.

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