The wonderful advantages of a microwave drawer

With all of the recent advances in kitchen technology, it might be hard to keep up. However, some of these recent inventions, like drawer microwaves, could make your cooking experiences a lot easier. The drawer microwave is a high-end way to get your food cooked quickly without sacrificing valuable counter space. You can build this appliance right into your existing cabinetry for a seamless kitchen flow that is functional and stylish.

Today, drawer microwaves are almost a necessity in home kitchen makeovers, but this wasn?t always true. A few years ago, microwave drawer reviews did not look promising. Many people complained about various technical and safety issues of this new style of cooking. The manufacturers responded, and within a few years, the microwave drawer became a safe and effective way to cook food that even the toughest critics love.

Capacity and convenience

Even if you have a kitchen full of budget-friendly Whirlpool appliances, you might want to take a look at microwave drawers. They usually have a larger holding capacity, which means you can microwave two plates together or an entire casserole dish if you like. This is really handy for large families or families with a couple of hungry teenage boys. The larger cooking capacity can also help you save time when preparing dinner, since you will likely be able to heat up two dishes at once. The added capacity can make it worth the few extra dollars, since you will save on energy bills as you heat more items at once.

Another advantage of drawer microwave ovens is that you can place your microwave at a convenient height for you. Often, countertop microwaves are a long reach from the edge of the counter and over-the-range microwaves can be a bit high for shorter people. A drawer microwave can be placed wherever you like: even under the counter like a regular silverware drawer. You can pop open your drawer and stir your meal without having to reach over your head or pull the entire dish out of the microwave. Since many microwave drawers come with soft-close features, you also won?t have to worry about your dish spilling every time you open the drawer to check on your food.

If you really like to use your stove, then the drawer microwave is a good alternative to the over-the-range microwave because you will have plenty of room to do all your cooking. This is especially important if you make large batches of food in stock pots, or you just want room for heavy-duty saute work. Plus, you won?t have to worry about grease gunking up your microwave.

Whether you're looking for convenience or the perfect kitchen style, drawer-style microwaves may be the answer. Sears can help you find the appliances to fit your lifestyle and budget.


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