Tips for making a great grownup game room, bar included

The kids have their own rooms and have taken over the family room with their video games. So where do you go to get away from it all after work or on the weekends? Your game room. Bar ideas abound and we'll help you get started.

Start by choosing which room you will be upgrading. A room with an exterior door, such as a patio, will allow you and your pals to head outdoors. Why is that important? Two words: gas grills. Fire up the grill for burgers, brats or steak to eat while you're watching the game or playing cards. That would also provide an exterior entrance so guests can go straight to your game room. Bars are popular features in game rooms for grownups, but what else do you want in your room? Once you determine which room will be your game room, answer this question: What activities do I want to do in here?

Double up

If you want to watch games and play video games, a large TV and cabinetry to store all the equipment are your priorities. If you want to play other games, too, such as darts, pool and poker, you'll want to make sure everything serves two purposes so you'll have enough room for everything. For example, instead of having a sofa for seating, make sure the game room's bar stools are padded and comfortable. The stools could be the primary seating, allowing you room for a pool table. Have you considered a corner bar? Game room floor space is at a premium, so utilizing a corner can open up room for billiards. Remember to allow space for appliances, such as a mini refrigerator. If you put a fridge near the sofa, it will have two purposes, too: keeping beverages cold and an end table. If you want to play several games, purchase a game table that, with a few adjustments, you can use for more than one game. If you just can't find a way to fit in a pool table, use video games to play pool.

Find a portable bar for game room fun

Purchase items that are portable and storable. For example, a card table and chairs are a great buy because you can use them for playing poker or other card games, board games and a place to eat. When you're finished, fold them up and store them. With an ottoman, you can prop up your feet or set down your beverage and have storage space inside. A bar cart or bar on wheels allows you to move it to create space where you need it. Install in-the-wall shelving units and you'll have plenty of storage without taking up any floor space. Why not rip up the carpeting, which will just be stained anyway, and create a painted cement floor? You can create a shuffleboard. You can also stencil one on a wood floor. You can have the game room of your dreams if you purchase items that can serve more than one purpose that are also portable and storable.

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