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      Keep your air compressor running smoothly

      Air compressors have a tough job to do. High pressure and continued use can wear down parts quickly. Having replacement parts on hand can help reduce downtime you might otherwise spend waiting for new parts to arrive. Be prepared and keep your projects chugging forward.

      Some of the parts you should have on hand will be extra belts, pulleys and air filters. These are the parts of your machine that are going to be doing the brunt of the work. Compressor belts run all the other moving parts. Heat generated from continuous motion puts a lot of strain on the belts, causing them to wear down the fastest. Next, you should be thinking about the pulleys. Since the belts sit on these while they run, they're going to be next on your replacement list. You're also going to want to keep a few extra air filters on hand. Since the performance of your air compressor is dependent upon how well air can flow, a clogged filter greatly diminishes the power you can get to your riveters.

      Looking towards the long term, you may need replacement motors, pumps and gaskets. Investing in a quality motor will ensure that you get the best lifespan out of your purchase. The motor, after all, is where everything starts for your compressor. A top performing motor means the rest of the machine runs better, right down to the tools that it's powering. This is especially true of your pneumatic shears. If you're not getting enough power, a strong enough seal will not be created, and you will not be getting clean cuts.

      Many of these repair issues are avoidable through regular maintenance that will help you get longer life out of your components. Make sure to check your compressor pump's oil lubricant level before each use. Just like a car, without proper oil levels the motor and belts will see increased friction damage, thus significantly reducing their life. Along with maintaining the oil levels, you'll also want to change the oil frequently. Old oil doesn't properly lubricate your belts, and is just as bad as using no oil at all. Finally, you need to check your air filters. In order to get the most life out of your filter, remove it and blow out all the dust and debris from the filter element. This will keep your filter running properly, and reduce the strain on the filter element.

      From parts big to small, Sears has what you need to keep your air compressor running. The right parts can keep your projects going full blast.


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