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      Use powerful air hoses for tough jobs

      Air hoses are a special type of tubing that has extra strength to handle a load of compressed air for powering air tools and inflating objects like bicycle and automobile tires. Air hoses have a tough outer layer and a reinforced inner layer that maintains the desired pressure flowing from an air compressor or other pressurized air or gas source to the other end of the hose.

      One of the features that you'll want to consider is whether or not the hose is coiled. Coiled hoses are perfect for your garage or smaller shops where space is at a premium. They're self-retracting and are much less prone to tangling than a standard straight hose. They're also great if you need an air hose but not so much length that it would make sense to purchase a hose reel.

      Sears has a wide selection of air hoses. If you need to lengthen an air hose by joining it to another, use an air hose splicing kit. This will give you extra reach and the maneuverability to make your work easier. When considering hose materials, rubber is usually a good bet. This material is extremely flexible but still has enough durability to handle wear and tear. The flexibility is definitely a perk when you need to pull the hose over long distances where other parts and pieces of your project will be in the way. For job sites that are on the rougher side, a compressor hose made of PVC will give you extra durability. They are less flexible and a bit heavier, but they won't suffer punctures as they're moved around a project space with loose nails and bolts on the floor.

      If you just need an air hose for your garage, a standard black hose will be fine. For large job sites, you'll want to consider a high visibility color. Since you'll be bringing tools like your pneumatic shears all over, that means the hose will be following you too. Sears has hoses in bright green, orange and yellow to make sure that everyone on your team stays safe.

      Get the air hose you need to keep your projects chugging forward. Come to Sears and you'll be sure to find the one that suits your work best.


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