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      Find powerful cutting tools at Sears

      With cutting tools from Sears, you can get the precise cut for all the metalworking and woodworking projects that you have in mind. We have hundreds of affordable cutting tools from Craftsman and other name brands that cut through metal and wood with increased accuracy and speed. Cut through plastic pipes and wood boards in tight crevices with a Chicago Pneumatic reciprocating saw. Slice through metal wire and piping easily with a Craftsman cut-off tool that features a rear exhaust and a 1/2-horsepower motor. From Campbell Hausfield metal air shears to Ingersoll-Rand air saws, find the cutting tools for your workshop at Sears.

      Complement your cutting tools with air grinders from Craftsman and Campbell Hausfield. Like a cutting tool, the Viking angle grinder can be used to cut through metal piping when you attach the right blade. Air grinders also prove beneficial for buffing metal or wood with buffing bonnets and polishing pads. You have the choice between bench and handheld air grinders, such as the Craftsman right-angle die grinder that features a built-in silencer and a 5-to-4 gear-head reduction for increased power during the job.

      Air ratchets come in handy for tightening and loosening bolts during your auto bodywork. Craftsman air ratchets come in various sizes to fit most torque and chrome-plated sockets, and the clicking mechanism indicates when you have reached the proper torque on the bolt. We also carry Ingersoll-Rand low-profile wrenches and Craftsman mini ratchets that weigh less than two pounds, yet they offer up to 20 foot-pounds of torque for the toughest jobs. Select ratchets from 1/4 inch to 1 inch to create a versatile tool set that works well for both professional and at-home workshops.

      Complete your tool collection with cutting tools and air staplers from Craftsman and Hitachi. From roofing to upholstery work, you have access to heavy-duty air staplers that work with staples ranging from 1/4-inch to 22-gauge sizes. Use an air stapler in place of a brad nailer for tacking black paper to an exterior wall or for securing insulation in the attic. We carry Surebonder pneumatic air staplers for upholstery work, and you also can find staple guns for securing cables or floor staplers for installing floor laminate and tiles.

      Invest in cutting tools from Craftsman and Ingersoll-Rand for use with your metalworking and woodworking projects, and use air grinders for smoothing both metal and wood surfaces. Consider air ratchets that provide more torque for your auto bodywork, and choose air staplers for upholstery and miscellaneous installation jobs. Find the biggest selection of affordable name-brand tools and accessories from the Sears online inventory.


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