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      Lubricate any tool with a grease gun

      Power grease guns make it quick and easy to lubricate machinery and tools. Whether you opt for air- or battery-powered, they'll give you the power to get the job done efficiently. Hand-pumped grease cans often have loss of flow when the air runs out. This creates uneven flow and you have to frequently re-pump the can. An air grease gun offers continuous flow at the press of a button.

      The hose on a grease gun allows the grease to be aimed accurately and get to hard to reach parts. Sears has models with hoses in varying lengths. If do you a lot of auto body and other motorized vehicle maintenance, a longer hose will make it easy to move around axles and parts that can get in the way without having to disassemble anything. Make sure to get a quality air hose that will give you the range of motion needed to complete the job.

      If you're working on machinery away from the garage, then a battery powered grease gun will be the best option. These models feature long-lasting batteries that will power the gun without being tethered to a hose. Large lubrication jobs will benefit from harnessing the power of an air compressor. Get the right grease guns and accessories to keep all your tools in working order.


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