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      Use air grinders on wood and metal

      Air grinders prove beneficial when it comes to sanding or polishing wood or metal. Sears has a full inventory of Craftsman and Campbell Hausfield grinders that use interchangeable heads for grinding, sanding and buffing wood and metal surfaces. A Craftsman right-angle die grinder features a unique head shape that lets you polish and sand surfaces in tight spaces. Choose from individual air grinders with up to 1/2-horsepower motors, or opt for a complete Smarter Tools 71-piece air tool kit that contains air grinders, air drills and bits of various sizes.

      Other air tools to consider in your professional workshop or at-home garage include air drills. Like the air grinder, an air drill requires an air compressor to provide the power to operate the tool. Use a Craftsman right-angle reversible air drill for heavy-duty auto body jobs, and exchange the drill bits for driver bits to use the air drill as an air screwdriver. We also carry Craftsman pistol-grip air drivers and Campbell Hausfield air drills from 1/4- to 1-inch head sizes.

      Just as air grinders and air drills prove useful in your auto body workshop, sand blasters also come in handy for cleaning your drill bits or for readying your car parts for painting. Sand blasters use fine sand and other material at high pressures to remove paint from walls or to sand large surfaces. For the home garage, a Craftsman 50-pound sand blaster kit comes with a blaster, a hose and a container for housing your blasting material. If you own a professional workshop, then consider the Steel Dragon Tools 260-gallon floor-standing sand blaster cabinet, which features an industrial-duty blast gun, an air regulator and a fluorescent lighting system.

      For minor sanding jobs, air-powered sanders work well for smaller wood and metal surfaces. Handheld sanders like the Craftsman dual-action sander feature a straight grip for better control and an orbital stroke at over 10,000 RPM. Use the 6-inch Craftsman air palm sander to smooth the wood's surface, and level uneven surfaces with the Campbell Hausfield dual-action sander with its 5-horsepower motor. Some air-powered sanders cover up to 48-inches of surface area at a time, such as the Craftsman straight-line sander that features a bottom exhaust and delivers 3,000 strokes per minute.

      Whether you own a professional workshop or you enjoy working in the garage, make air grinders and air drills part of your toolkit. Use larger sand blasters for removing grime from drill bits or for sanding car parts, and invest in air-powered sanders for finer sanding jobs in the workshop. Come to Sears when you need affordable power tools and accessories for your next project.


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