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Invest in impact wrenches for your auto body projects

Unlike standard socket wrenches, impact wrenches provide more torque for tightening and loosening bolts. Sears carries hundreds of name-brand Craftsman and Campbell Hausfield impact wrenches in stock for your auto body workshops and at-home garages. Choose an impact wrench from 1/4- to 1-inch socket sizes depending on whether you need to tighten a bolt on the engine or remove lug nuts from the car rims. Whether you need an individual Craftsman 1/2-inch impact wrench or a complete 10-piece air tool set, you can find heavy-duty air-powered tools at Sears for your workshop.

Complete your tool kit with heavy-duty cutting tools for your metalworking and woodworking projects. Craftsman cutting tools prove useful in the shop since you can attach various blades and grinders for different tasks. For metalworking, check out the Campbell Hausfield metal air shear that cuts through aluminum and sheet metal at 2,500 strokes per minute. Use Chicago Pneumatic reciprocating saw tools for cutting through plastic, metal and wood in hard-to-reach spaces, or opt for the Eastwood auto body repair kit that includes an air saw, air shears and a cutting tool for multiple jobs.

When using an impact wrench, you have to use impact sockets instead of chrome-plated sockets. An impact socket features heavy-duty metal that resists the force and torque of an impact wrench. Traditional sockets typically shatter under such pressure, but an impact socket works well with the impact wrench to remove and tighten bolts on car engines and other mechanical equipment. Choose from hundreds of individual sockets for use with your wrench, or invest in a Craftsman 55-piece impact socket set that contains sockets of various sizes for use with most standard nuts and bolts.

Whether you have a carpentry or an auto body workshop, include air-powered sanders as part of your toolkit. It takes manual effort to sand wood smoothly and evenly, but a Craftsman air-powered sander does the job quickly, providing over 3,000 strokes per minute. While 6-inch orbital palm sanders come in handy for sanding smaller areas, the Craftsman straight-line sander covers up to 48 inches of surface area at once. We also have Campbell Hausfield dual-action sanders that have 5-horsepower motors for sanding or buffing surfaces depending on the attachment you use.

Impact wrenches provide more torque for removing lug nuts from car rims and tightening bolts on the engine. Invest in impact sockets that withstand the power and the force of an impact wrench, and complete your workshop with cutting tools and air-powered sanders for cutting and priming your wooden projects. Shop at Sears for the best selection of air-powered tools and accessories for your workshop.

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