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      Get pumped up with portable or heavy-duty inflators

      Most people are familiar with inflators of some kind, usually the ones used to pump up bicycle tires or to put air into vehicle tires. We have many different types of inflators, from hand-held pumps to larger portable power inflators that run off 12-volt batteries. Inflators usually have an air hose, gauge and inflator attachment of some kind included as a complete kit. We also have many individual air hoses, including extra long all-weather hoses and air hoses on retractable reels. Along with your air hoses, it is a good idea to get one of our Craftsman air hose repair kits to fix damaged end fittings or repair breaks and leaks that might occur in a hose during use. Hoses can be spliced together if you need additional lengths for a job.

      If you are using very long air hoses, you might want to get air hose reels to hold them. This is a great way to avoid kinking and possible damage to the hoses or creating a trip hazard for other workers. We carry excellent air hoses and reels made by Craftsman, EZ-Coil and Coxreels. These reels can hold various width hoses up to 100 feet in length. We have many deluxe auto-rewind reels, manual operating reels and spring driven reels for air hoses, fiber optic cable or electric cable. Using air hose reels is the best way to protect and safely store your air hoses and cables.

      Painters like to use spray guns to paint larger surfaces with even coverage and little waste. Artists also use spray guns or airbrushes for small, fine artwork. The area to be covered can be determined by the size and shape of a spray gun needle and size of the holes in the spray caps. Custom paints can easily be mixed and applied using individual paint cups and a spray gun with some type of air compressor or pump. Rough surfaces like concrete or textured ceilings can be given a uniform coating of paint or finish without running into problems from dripping or brush strokes. Spray guns also are very useful for painting furniture that might have a lot of textural variations. We stock different styles and sizes of spray guns for every purpose. Smaller, self-contained hand-held models are good for fine painting jobs. Our larger spray guns are ideal for use in auto body painting or large area paint jobs. You can use many types of paint with a spray gun, including primer, stain, latex, enamel, lacquer and urethane paints. Some paint caps are disposable, thus eliminating messy clean-ups. Safety masks should be used whenever you are painting with spray guns, even though overspray is kept to a minimum. Spray guns can also be used for jobs other than painting, such as engine cleaning or dust removal.

      Inflators are handy devices to have around the home or shop. Inflate toys, tires and other items with ease. If you want to cover a large surface evenly with paint or a finish material, try using spray guns with an air compressor for power. We can deliver all these hardware supplies and more to your location, or come in to your nearest store to pick-up your orders.


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