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      Use nailers for your woodworking projects

      When you use nailers on the job, you decrease your workload and increase your productivity. Sears provides an entire inventory of name brand finish nailers and brad nailers for use with your professional and DIY carpentry projects. Use the Craftsman 16-gauge finish nailer to hammer in multiple finishing nails at once, and opt for a heavy-duty Stanley angle brad nailer for commercial framing and roofing jobs. Whether you need to join wood or metal, you can find a finish nailer or a metal connector nailer at Sears.

      If you own a combo nailer, then you know the importance of having enough nails and staples on hand for the job. Even if you have a standard staple gun, you need Craftsman and Stanley staples that punch easily through both wood and metal. Secure cabling and wire in place with Craftsman round cable staples, and join metal sheets to wood easily with Stanley metal connector shank staples. We also have a selection of Powernail Powercleat and Surebonder staples of various sizes for use on both construction and upholstery projects.

      When shopping for multiple tools for your workshop, consider air-powered sanders for your woodworking jobs. Combined with the power of a finish nailer, you can construct a bookshelf or a cabinet and then sand it down for a smooth and finished look. Unlike traditional sandpaper sheets, which require manual effort when sanding wood, an air sander provides more than 3,000 strokes per minute to smooth and level uneven wooden surfaces in less time. Use the smaller 6-inch Titan orbital palm sander for fine sanding jobs, and invest in a larger Craftsman 48-inch straight-line sander for sanding wider sheets of wood in a single stroke.

      In order to power your nailers or air-powered sanders, you need an air compressor and an electrical source. Since not all construction sites have power available from the moment you start the job, portable generators come in handy for providing up to 10,000 watts of power for most of your tools. Some portable generators have heavy-duty wheels that make it easy to transport the units across the job site, such as the Champion Power Equipment generator that offers 4,000 watts of power. Invest in a DuroStar portable gas generator that features six electrical outlets. It proves useful for powering your air tools or for use as a backup generator in case of power outages.

      Whether you work as a professional carpenter or a DIY hobbyist, you want nailers and air-powered sanders that help you finish the job quickly and easily. Stock up on staples for your woodworking and metalworking projects, and invest in a portable generator to power your tools on the job site. Find even more name brand air tools and affordable supplies for all of your commercial and residential projects at Sears.


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