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      Using your hammer for large scale carpentry jobs will leave you exhausted and increase the time it takes to finish the project. With a nail gun from Sears, you'll have the power you need to tackle those big projects. From building a new deck to working on a desk in your woodshop, pneumatic nail guns will let you power through these tasks in no time at all. Simply connect your air nail gun to your air compressor and you'll be ready to go. Get the nail guns and other tools you need to complete any project.

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      Tackle any woodworking project with a nail gun

      A nail gun will let you tackle woodworking projects of any size. Whether you need a tool to finish a large scale roofing job or one small enough for the palm of your hand, Sears carries them all. With pneumatic nail guns from trusted brands like Craftsman, Bostitch and Surebonder, you'll be sure to find a model that will hold up to any job you have in store.

      When it comes to small work, a palm nailer will get the job done in no time. The magnetic insert will hold the nail in place. This model of nail gun is perfect for tough to reach areas and those with limited space. Certain joints won't allow you to get a full hammer swing. A nailer will get the nail right where it needs to be and hammer it home with the help of your air compressor.

      Large models are built to help you build a deck or fix loose shingles on our roof. These models have large magazines that will let you hold a stock of nails so you can move from one end of your roofing project to the other without needing to reload. Often, you can find a nailer that has a level built into the nail gun to ensure a straight shot every time. Sears has models to help you tackle any project, no matter the size.


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