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Air ratchets provide the torque you need

An air ratchet provides better torque and precise control when removing bolts from mechanical equipment. Sears has a full inventory of Craftsman and Campbell Hausfield air ratchets for use with your air compressors. Air ratchets come in 1/4- to one-inch sizes to fit most bolts, and some ratchets provide up to 90 foot-pounds of torque to tighten a bolt and to prevent stripping. Even the Craftsman mini ratchet wrench offers up to 20 foot-pounds of torque and weighs less than two pounds for ease of handling.

When you work with air tools such as impact ratchets, use impact sockets rather than using standard chrome-plated sockets. Most chrome sockets shatter and can't hold up to the extreme force of an air ratchet or wrench. Craftsman impact sockets withstand the 90 foot-pounds of torque from an air ratchet, and you have access to sockets of various sizes to fit your 1/4- to one-inch ratchets. Invest in Craftsman 12-piece standard impact sockets, which feature six points and fit a standard 1/2-inch drive. We also have 55-piece sets that include sockets and extensions for use with ratchets and wrenches.

Combine the power of air ratchets and impact wrenches, and create the ultimate auto body toolkit. Impact wrenches provide even more torque to tighten and loosen bolts in seconds. As an example, the Craftsman 3/4-inch impact wrench provides up to 750 foot-pounds of torque and works with standard 3/4-inch impact sockets. We also have smaller Craftsman butterfly impact wrenches for working with smaller bolts in tight spaces. Choose from individual Ingersoll-Rand wrenches, or invest in a Craftsman air tool set that features an impact wrench, an air ratchet, an air hammer and additional accessories.

While impact wrenches and ratchets work well for metalworking jobs, you need air tools such as nailers for woodworking projects. Using a manual hammer and nails requires a lot of time and effort, but a Craftsman brad nailer holds over 100 nails at a time for quickly joining wood cabinetry or paneling. You have access to Craftsman and Stanley angled nailers, which let you place finishing or framing nails in tight areas. In addition to the nailer's power, it has a comfortable rubber grip and a rubber tip to reduce the damages on surfaces.

Invest in air ratchets and impact wrenches for your auto body shop or your at-home garage. Use impact sockets that withstand the extreme torque from an air tool, and choose nailers over manual hammers for finishing your woodworking projects in less time. Find even more affordable name brand air tools and accessories for your next auto body or woodworking project at Sears.

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