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      Sand blasters clean dirt and grime

      With sand blasters from Craftsman and Campbell Hausfield, remove graffiti from walls and clean heavy dirt and grime from the driveway. Sears includes an inventory of high-pressure sand blasters for use on commercial and residential auto body and cleanup projects. Unlike water pressure washers, a sand blaster uses fine sand and other materials to remove stuck-on paint and grime from metal, wood and stone. For both commercial and residential use, choose the Craftsman 50-pound sand blaster kit that includes a 1/4-inch spray nozzle and a carrying handle.

      If you require a sand blaster to prepare your car parts for painting, then enhance your auto body work with spray guns from Campbell Hausfield and ITW. Once you have sanded down the bumpers or the body kit, use the Campbell Hausfield high-volume paint sprayer to deliver an even paint distribution across the entire surface. Along with auto body work, use the ITW spray gun to apply an even coat of paint over walls or on mechanical equipment. You can even use a spray gun with stain to finish carpentry and other woodworking projects.

      When taking on any woodworking project, you want Craftsman and Hitachi air staplers to help join wood and sheet metal surfaces. We even have Surebonder pneumatic upholstery staplers for attaching fabric and cushioning to chairs and other furniture. Like spray guns, which feature variable spray nozzles, staplers fit staples of various sizes depending on the type of material you use. Most Craftsman staplers have rubber tips that reduce damage and marring of your surfaces as you staple together wood or upholstery. From Craftsman to Campbell Hausfield, add a durable name-brand air stapler to your toolkit.

      Power your sand blasters and air tools on the job site with a generator from Craftsman and Briggs & Stratton. Whether you need it for your home or your business, we have commercial and portable generators that provide over 10,000 watts to power your air tools or the appliances in your home. Invest in a portable Craftsman generator that features six electrical outlets for your sand blaster and air stapler. Install a Briggs & Stratton standby generator outside of your home to detect a blackout and to provide 20,000 watts of power when you need it. We even have Sunforce solar generators if you want eco-friendly alternatives to gas-powered generators.

      Use sand blasters to remove paint from walls or grime from tool bits, and finish a paint job quickly with a heavy-duty spray gun. Use air staplers to finish carpentry and upholstery projects, and invest in a portable generator to provide power on the go. Shop the Sears online inventory when you want affordable power tools and air tool accessories for your commercial and residential construction jobs.


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