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      Ready your next paint job with a sandblaster

      Before you can start laying down a fresh coat of paint, a bit of prep work will need to be done. Removing the remnants of old paint, rust and other surface contaminants is vital to achieving a great looking final product. With a sandblaster from Sears, you'll have your surfaces ready to go in no time at all. With the large selection of sandblasting equipment, you'll be sure to find everything you need to tackle any job large or small.

      There are complete sandblaster kits that include a hopper, hose and sandblasting gun. These kits will give you everything you need to tackle your sandblasting jobs. If you already have a sandblaster, grab some replacement parts so you can keep going no matter what happens. Extra hoses will increase your reach to get to difficult places. New nozzles will reduce clogs and ensure an even distribution of the sand. Once the metal is ready, apply the primer so the surface will accept the paint better.

      Powder coatings also requires a smooth metal surface. If there are any foreign materials on the metal, the powder coat won't adhere to the metal. Sears carries all the paint and sandblasting gear you need to finish a number of different jobs.


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