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      Air-powered sanders give you precise control over the job

      Sanding takes a lot of time and effort when you only use brute force and sandpaper. Sears provides the largest inventory of air-powered sanders from Craftsman and Campbell Hausfield to sand wood at up to 3,000 strokes per minute. Some Craftsman sanders have muffled rear exhausts that minimize the noise as you sand. Choose from dual-action and straight-line sanders to smooth over large surface areas, and opt for an EMAX multi-function orbital palm sander to prevent repetitious sanding marks or to strip paint from wood.

      While sanders prove beneficial for woodworking, a workshop doesn't feel complete without combo nailers and staplers. Before you can use your Campbell Hausfield sander to finish your project, you have to use your nailer to join the pieces together. A Craftsman 2-in-1 toolkit works well for both interior and exterior wood projects, such as joining picture frames or installing chair and crown molding. You have the choice between straight and angled nailers for placing nails in flat and tight spaces. We also have floor cleat nailers and staplers with rubber tips that prevent marring the wood.

      Cutting tools come in handy for cutting your wood pieces to the precise sizes and shapes before using the nailer and sander to join and finish each piece. While cutting tools work well with cutting through wood, the Craftsman cut-off tool slices through metal for your metalworking projects. Use the Chicago Pneumatic reciprocating saw to cut through wood boards or plastic pipes, or invest in the Sunex reversible cut-off tool that weighs less than four pounds, giving you a lightweight alternative to larger electrical saws. You can also find carbide tips and various blades to fit your Craftsman or other name brand cutting tool.

      Along with sanders, nailers and cutting tools, consider air grinders for your woodworking or metalworking shop. Grinders serve multiple purposes such as smoothing and sanding metal and wood. You can also use a Craftsman air grinder with a buffing bonnet to buff and polish wood cabinetry or metal railing. Like the nailers, you have the choice between straight and angled air grinders with variable speed controls and 1/2-horsepower motors that handle the largest buffing or sanding tasks. Whether you need a bench grinder or a handheld grinder, we have professional-duty tools for your workshop.

      Use air-powered sanders to provide the finishing touch to your wooden projects, and invest in combo nailers and staplers for use on upholstery and various woodworking projects. Consider cutting tools to cut your metal and wooden pieces to size, and complete your workshop with air grinders for smoothing and polishing. Come to Sears when you need powerful air tools and name brand accessories for your next project.


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