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      Find specialty air tools for your workshop

      Specialty air tools provide the power to chisel through wood planks or to demolish concrete walls. We have a complete inventory of air tools for use with your commercial and residential construction projects. Select from Craftsman impact hammers and chipping hammers that feature variable speed triggers and that provide 2,300 BPM. You have access to pneumatic rivet guns and Astro pneumatic hydraulic presses for your metalworking shop. From Ingersoll-Rand cut-off tools to EMAX air hammers, find the specialty tools you need for your shop.

      Whether you own an auto body shop or you need to lubricate your mechanical equipment in the garage, invest in Craftsman and Ingersoll-Rand grease guns to complete the job in less time. Cars and mechanical equipment produce friction as the parts move and rub against each other. With a Craftsman single-shot grease gun, you can apply lubrication to the parts to minimize the friction and prolong equipment life. Choose a single Legacy MegaPower grease gun, or opt for a Lincoln Industrial PowerLuber kit that features a carrying case and rechargeable batteries.

      Additional air tools you want for your shop include air-powered sanders for your fine and heavy-duty woodworking projects. Craftsman features a line of handheld power sanders that feature 10,000 RPM for delivering over 3,000 strokes per minute. You have access to the straight-line sander, which covers a 48-inch surface with each stroke. Air sanders offer versatility in the workshop as you can attach buffing bonnets to convert your sander into a heavy-duty polisher. We also have Chicago Pneumatic mini sanders and Campbell Hausfield dual-action sanders that feature 5-horsepower motors for increased power when sanding or buffing wood and metal surfaces.

      If you lack an electrical source to power your air tools, then use a generator from Craftsman or Briggs & Stratton. Craftsman portable generators come in handy for providing up to 10,000 watts of power on a job site, and some include six outlets for plugging in multiple air tools. For the home, invest in a Briggs & Stratton generator that automatically detects a power outage and provides power back to the house. If you want an eco-friendly alternative to a gas-powered generator, opt for a solar generator that reduces your power costs and that has less impact on the environment.

      Invest in specialty air tools like impact hammers to demolish concrete driveways and walls in less time. Use Craftsman grease guns to minimize friction in your mechanical equipment, and complete your professional workshop with air-powered sanders and portable generators. Turn to Sears for the biggest selection of air tools and affordable accessories for your shop.


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