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      Spray guns help you paint large areas

      Unlike a paintbrush and a roller, a spray gun works with an air compressor to give you even faster results when painting large surfaces. Sears carries a large inventory of professional-duty spray guns from Campbell Hausfield and Neiko that work for auto body painting or interior and exterior painting. Use the Campbell Hausfield gun kit with a Craftsman air compressor to paint your home, or use the Neiko 1.5-millimeter air spray gun to lay down a coat of paint on your car rims or bumper.

      Along with spray guns, specialty air tools work well with Craftsman air compressors for auto bodywork, stone masonry or woodworking. Set rivets quickly and effortlessly with a Craftsman pneumatic air rivet gun, or chip away cement and stone easily with the Craftsman medium-duty impact hammer. Using an Ingersoll-Rand air impact wrench helps you tighten and loosen bolts in seconds, and using the Craftsman chipping hammer helps you break concrete with minimal effort. We also have hydraulic shop presses and rotary vacuum pumps for your on-site or at-home workshop.

      If you enjoy furniture making, then spray guns and air staplers work well together when building and finalizing chairs. Use a spray gun to apply paint or stain to the wood, and then use the Surebonder pneumatic stapler to attach upholstery to complete the job. Air staplers also come in handy for stapling black paper to walls before installing siding or brick to a house. You can even use the Craftsman air stapler for roofing projects or for attaching wire to fence posts. Whether you need to install a screen or tack insulation in the walls, an air stapler helps you complete the job with less hassle.

      Whereas spray guns help you apply paint quickly and evenly, pressure washers help you remove loose paint without much effort on your part. In addition to removing paint, Craftsman pressure washers remove dirt and grime from the car, the house or the driveway. You have the choice between gas and electric pressure washers with over 4,000 PSI. Cam Spray electric pressure washers provide a steady stream of hot water to eliminate stains on hard surfaces. We even carry industrial pressure washers from Stanley and BE Pressure that feature variable spray nozzles and over 5-GPM maximum flow rates.

      Use Craftsman spray guns to apply paint evenly over flat and bumpy surfaces, and invest in a pressure washer to remove dirt and debris from the surface before painting. Visit your hometown Sears or browse our online inventory when you want affordable specialty air tools and additional accessories for your professional and at-home jobs.


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