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Air Compressors & Air Tools

Complete your workshop with air tools from Sears

While manual tools have their advantages, air tools provide even more power and torque. Sears has a full selection of air impact tools and accessories for your woodworking and metalworking shops. Craftsman impact wrenches prove useful for tightening and loosening bolts in seconds, and Campbell Hausfield cutting tools have powerful motors for cutting through aluminum and wood. Invest in Titan orbital palm sanders for your woodworking projects, and complete your toolkit with air grinders and impact ratchets for your auto body repairs.

Along with air tools, pressure washers come in handy for completing a job in less time. Instead of using a standard hose and a nozzle, use Craftsman electric pressure washers that provide up to 4,000 PSI and variable nozzle settings for fine and heavy sprays. We have Briggs & Stratton gas pressure washers with 190cc motors, 2,400 PSI and heavy-duty wheels for easy transport across the driveway or the construction site. You also have access to Stanley industrial pressure washers that spray up to four gallons of water per minute.

If you lack an electrical outlet for your air tools or electric pressure washer, then invest in portable generators as viable power sources for your equipment. Champion portable generators feature up to six outlets for plugging in your air compressors to power your air tools. A DuroStar generator offers up to 10,000 watts of power, which comes in handy for powering large equipment or for use as backup energy during a power outage. Most portable generators feature heavy-duty wheels for easy transport and durable steel frames that withstand the impact of constant transportation. From larger 10,000-watt generators to smaller 1,000-watt units, find a portable generator for use with your Craftsman air tools.

We also have standby generators and generator accessories for your commercial or residential power needs. While a portable generator works well for use on the go, a standby generator provides power. As an example, the Briggs & Stratton 20,000-kilowatt generator system detects a power outage and automatically provides backup power to your home. Along with portable and standby generators, we have a selection of commercial and solar generators for business and residential use. A DEK Pro Series commercial generator has a large 12.6-gallon gas tank that offers up to 18 hours of power at half load.

Whether you own a business or you enjoy working in your own garage, air tools prove beneficial for completing tasks in less time. Use high-powered pressure washers to remove grime and dirt from the home or the driveway, and power your air tools on the job site with portable generators. Visit your local Sears, or shop our online inventory for the best names in power tools and accessories for your home or business.