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Make a variety of unique cuts with a band saw

Band saws are the right tool to help you make unusual cuts in metal or wood. Metal cutting band saws will slice through sheet metal and more so you can complete your projects. Sears carries band saws up to 18 inches, so you'll be sure to find one that fits the work you need done. With a set of quality extension cords, a portable band saw will help you out at even the toughest of job sites.

Making straight cuts with a band saw is easy with a band saw fence secured in place. Some models have guides built into the table, or you can pick up one to attach to the table. A Craftsman band saw fence can make multiple adjustments so you can make a multitude of varying straight cuts. To get the most of your investment, there are saws with miter guides in place, giving you the advantage of two saws in one.

Wood and metal band saws will allow you to tackle a number of different materials. You'll want to adjust your saw when cutting wood and soft materials. If the saw runs too hot, it can burn or melt wood and plastics. For foam core, if the blade is too warm it can melt it and ruin the material. With the right band saw, you'll be able to tackle any project. Shop at Sears for the best saw and band saw blade for your workshop.

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