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      Band saws allow creativity and big cuts

      When it comes to your workshop, you probably think you have everything you need. After all, you have the large miter saws from big angled cuts and the smaller handheld power tools for assembly, as well as bench grinders to help shaper your project down and apply the finishing touches. You probably compare tools with your neighbor to see who has the greatest variety of circular saws or the most powerful drills. Your workshop might seem complete, especially if you do a lot of simple construction and repair projects. You may even find your tools are handy for fancy hobby projects and gifts. However, you might find yourself restricted to straight cuts if you only have a miter saw and handheld saw to help you out. If you are working on a large, oddly-shaped project, you will love the freedom that band saws provide. These saws help you make large continuous cuts in any shape for any project.

      A band saw is one continuous stationary saw. Aptly named, the saw is basically a large ripsaw on one continuous motor band. The even teeth make a smooth cut, and the large band allows you to make large cuts. Since the band is stationary, you can feed your boards into it at a variety of angles, which makes it a little more flexible than many styles of chop saws. Chop saws are great for making straight cuts, but not so great for odd-shaped cuts or projects. If you have something that involves curves and strange angles, then a band saw gives you the freedom to move your lumber as you desire, without having to re-arrange your entire shop or make multiple, tedious cuts.

      Band saws are versatile and able to be used on many different types of materials from drywall to wood to metal, band saws are great at handling unusual shapes in any medium. You will often find band saws in commercial shops that do custom automobile or woodworking projects that need pieces in a variety of shapes. Band saws are also very common in butcher shops, because they can cut meat at many angles, helping you get that perfect steak or pot roast on the dinner table at night.

      Band saws might be big, but they do a lot of big work. While big work and big tools usually mean a big hit to your bank account, you don't have to go into debt to find the perfect tool to get the job done. Sears can help you find a band saw that is within your budget and size requirements. It can be hard to fit all those tools in your shop, but you will be glad you did. With a band saw from Sears, you know you will be using a dependable tool that can handle the variety of work you love to do each and every day.


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