A jointer allows a carpenter to produce large objects like doors or tabletops by precisely preparing pieces of wood to be glued together. Bench and stationary jointers from Sears replace old-fashioned hand planers, completing in minutes what once required hours or days of work. The Powermatic 1791279DXK is a bench jointer any craftsman would be proud to own. It features adjustable, 66-inch out feed and in feed beds, in feed table levers that adjust quickly for precision cutting and a large 4-inch port for dust collection.

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Add jointers to your woodworking project arsenal

Whether you're a novice or an expert woodworker, you need a jointer and a planer. With a jointer, you can flatten a bowed or warped piece of lumber and then straighten the edges. After a piece of wood is flat, you'll be able to glue or otherwise attach it to another piece of lumber so you can work on large projects. That means you'll have the pieces you need to make furniture such as a dining room table.

You'll find an array of bench and stationary jointers right here online at Sears from top brands such as Porter-Cable, Rikon, Jet and Craftsman, America's most trusted brand. A bench-top jointer is less expensive than a stationary jointer. It's also, as the name suggests, more portable. The stationary jointer, however, is bigger and more powerful.

In addition to a jointer, you'll want to look at our selection of planers. When you operate a planer, the rotating cutter head spins as you push wood beneath it. As the cutter head spins, it shaves the face off a piece of lumber so that you end up with a perfectly straight piece of wood. There are handheld planers and thickness planers. Choose a handheld one if you need something that's portable, when working on small projects or if you don't have much workshop space. There are also thickness planers. You'll need one to work on larger projects, such as that dining room table.

To save space and money, choose a combination jointer/planer. One example of a combo jointer/planer is the Craftsman 4-1/8-inch Jointer/Planer. Choose it for projects in which you need to surface the face or edge of a board up to 4-1/8-inch wide. The granite table and fence system (that adjust from 45 to 90 degrees) helps you make quality cuts. It has a 7.5-amp universal motor. To reduce workshop cleanup, take advantage of the rear dust collection chute, which fits a 2.5-inch wet/dry vac hose. When joining different pieces of lumber, many woodworkers prefer a biscuit joiner. We have a number of joiners to choose from, along with various sizes of biscuits.

If you're working on a dining room table, you'll need to create legs. Check out our selection of lathes. A lathe allows you to shape wood. So you'd put the piece of wood you're going to use to make a leg between the headsock and tailsock, then you use a chisel to remove wood uniformly as the lumber spins. Don't forget to purchase a sander to finish your work. We have all the sanding accessories you need, including sandpaper and cloths.

Whether you do woodworking for fun or profit, Sears has all the hand and power tools you need to make everything from dining room tables to dollhouse furniture and everything in between. While you're on our site, check out other tools we have to offer, such as router tables. We have woodworking plans, lumber, stain and more. And always feel free to chat online with representatives. Sears arms you with information as well as tools.


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