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      Create accurate angles with a miter saw

      Crafting pieces such as baseboards or doorways require accurately angled cuts. Although you can try and make them using a table saw, a miter saw has the precision needed to make exact cuts every time. No workshop is complete without a quality chop saw. Sears has a variety of models that will help anyone from the novice woodworker to the master craftsman.

      As the old saying goes, "measure twice, cut once." Sears has models of chop saws that will ensure you get an exact cut every single time. Miter saw lasers will line up the blade to make sure you cut in the right spot every time. The various guides built into the saw will allow you to line up cuts up to 50 degrees. If you're working on extremely intricate projects, you'll want a saw that can cut at different angles to obtain the best fit possible. You'll want to make sure you also have a thickness planer, so once a piece of wood is angled it can be thinned to fit the space needed.

      The miter chop saw is one of the key tools every woodworker needs. Sears has a vast selection of miter saws that will help you craft all of your most detailed work.


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