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      Start your workshop with versatile and powerful miter saws

      Ask any avid handyman what tools you need in your workshop, and miter saws will be among the first few items he suggests. Miter saws offer versatility that can work with any project. Simply slide the board in at the desired angle and you are good to go!

      Miter saws are most seen in home construction projects. If you've ever looked at your baseboards or door frames, you might notice that the lumber meets up in the corners at perfect forty-five degree angles. These angles are best achieved with this type of saw. Since it is stationary, you don't have to worry about the saw slipping and messing up the angle. Plus, many miter saws have guides printed on the base to help you feed your lumber in properly. While other power tools have become more popular for handling wood cuts, miter saws are great for the craftsman with an attention to detail.

      Miter saws are also great when you have to make a lot of quick cuts. For example, cutting slats for fencing, cribs or ornamental furniture decoration could take days if you did all your cuts by hand. Power miter saws, often called chop saws, cut those boards quickly with ease. All you have to do is slide the board in, pull down the saw and repeat. This quick cutting method helps take care of the tedious stuff in a short amount of time, so you can watch your project take shape more quickly.

      The type of miter saw you choose will depend on your needs. A standard miter saw operates from a fixed pivot point and is good if you just need to make some basic cuts without a lot of adjustments. If you need to change angles for all of your cuts, you will want a compound miter saw, which allows the head to pivot at different angles so you can get those beautiful perfect fits in every corner. Other miter saws include sliding miter saws and dual compound miter saws, which offer more features for a greater variety of complex cuts.

      Of course, you can always approximate the cuts of a miter saw with a circular saw, but you won't have the precision or control that you get with a more standard table saw. The stationary saw offers added safety and the ability to operate with more control. Just as with tile saws, it can be really helpful to know that your workbench is taking the torque from the machine instead of your arm. If you are looking for a high quality durable miter saw, look no further than Sears, where you will find brand names that have been trusted for generations to provide affordable and long-lasting home workshop equipment, from router tables to joiners.


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