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      Expand the usefulness of your workshop with router tables that enhance your carpentry

      It's easy and wise to start out any hobby from the ground up, learning the basics before moving on to bigger and better things. Perhaps you have started with basic carpentry, repairing doors and framing up small spaces in your home. Once you have mastered basic cuts, shaping and finishing work, you are ready to move on to more craftsman-like projects. Crown moldings, baseboards, furniture, cabinetry and more require a few more skills and a few more tools to get the job done. While band saws and bench grinders helped you with the big stuff before, router tables and lathes will help you achieve beautiful and intricate details that will wow visitors and enthrall gift recipients.

      A router table is the key to getting good results when designing baseboards and crown moldings. Router tables are tables that include a spindle or bit, which is the devices that cuts grooves and details into your home accents. The router table helps shape door frames, window frames, crown molding and baseboards as well as tongue and groove assemblies for projects that don't use nails or screws. Depending on the type of router you have, you should be able to change out the bits to adjust for different size projects, and you may be able to adjust your feed mechanism to accommodate a wide range of projects. Depending on the type of router table you choose, you may have an adjustable fence guide that helps you feed lumber through the machine or a custom template that you use for each project. If you plan to mill out the same designs on the same lumber repeatedly, a simple fence guide may be all you need. If you plan to get a little creative, then you may prefer switchable templates that you customize with each cut.

      There are several different styles of router tables available to work with workspaces of any size or shape. A traditional router table may take up a fair amount of space, but you won't have to worry about stability or having to take time to set it up whenever you need to do some work on a project. Standard router tables come in a few varieties, but they are most commonly seen as solid metal-based tables. You could also create a custom router table and mount your router on top of it if you have specific needs. In contrast to the stationary router table, the portable router table is great for small spaces or shared spaces. You can fold it up and store it out of the way when you need to make room for cars in the garage or exercise equipment in the basement. Most portable tables are quite sturdy, with locking mechanisms to ensure that the table remains stationary as you feed your lumber through the router.

      A good router deserves a good table, so that you can maximize the options of your machine without worrying about stability or slipping. Let Sears help you pick out the perfect router table for your workspace. With many options available to fit any garage, shop or shed, we can help you find exactly what you need.


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