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Sanding wood is made much easier with the proper equipment. Power sanders make the job go fast, while specialized holders allow sandpaper to be manually used in hard-to-reach places. By acquiring a collection of sanders, you can be sure you'll have the right one for every project.

Belt/disc sanders combine a belt sander and a disc sander into one machine. The belt arm can be used horizontally or vertically to make it easy to work with many pieces of wood. The disc allows sanding to be done with a circular motion without wearing out your muscles. These excellent sanding machines are available in portable models for home use or big floor-mounted styles for professional-grade shops.

When it's time to install new sandpaper, finding the right kind is easy at Sears. A wide selection of sanding belts and adhesive sanding discs is available to fit your machines. Pick up a few packs, and you'll never have to fear wearing out your sandpaper during a project.

If you need to sand a floor, wall, or ceiling without a machine, you're in luck: pole sanders allow you to avoid kneeling or using a ladder to reach the job. Just attach one of these sandpaper-holders to a pole of the proper length, and you're all set. These holders keep sandpaper taut for you so you can apply sufficient leverage with the pole.

Of course, a pole sander requires a pole to attach it to. Sears offers a wide selection of poles to meet every need. Whether you want a simple wooden pole or a telescoping metal one, you can find it here. Poles with threaded ends make it easy to attach your pole sander or other equipment simply by screwing it into place.

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