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      Scroll saws help you make intricate designs for your woodworking projects

      Scroll saws are unlike any other power saw. They create intricate decorative patterns and shapes in wood, metal or plastic. For fine woodworkers and craftsmen, a scroll saw is the tool that can make your project a work of art. Not only will you be able to create special projects, you'll be able to give them your own personal touch, from toys to furniture.

      Sears has a wide variety of quality scroll saws from which to choose. While the tendency is to focus on the word power when purchasing a power tool, when it comes to scroll saws, the power of the tool comes in second to the features. It's key to have a scroll saw that you can easily use, so finding which model has the specifics you are looking for are key. With variable speeds, you have control over how quickly you trace the shape you've penciled onto the material you're working on. Go quickly on straight lines and slowly when making a lot of turns and curves. The dust blower and sawdust shield helps keep your line of visions clear while you use the scroll saw.

      Also, consider the material you will be using the most often. Choose a machine that can handle the toughest materials you could ever see working on. If you undershoot to get a cheaper machine, you could end up having to upgrade in the future, costing you more. In addition, how quickly can you change blades? If the blade requires an extra tool to remove, you may want to choose an easier option.

      One of our more popular options is the 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw from Craftsman. Craftsman is America's most trusted brand. It measures 16 inches from blade to throat. The 1.6-amp scroll saw has a 60 Hz motor, operating at 120 volts. It has the variable speed you need for a scroll saw. The saw can operate at anywhere from 400 to 1,600 strokes per minute. With that, you can cut hard or soft woods, plastic and metal. It has a large cast iron worktable that tilts up to 45 degrees, allowing you to make bevel cuts. The multi-directional dust blower does the dirty work so you don't have to. It keeps your cutting line free of dust and debris. It also has a Shop Vac-compatible dust extraction port. It accepts standard 5-inch pin and plain-end blades. You can even stash extra blades right with the scroll saw, thanks to the on-board storage. It comes as a kit, which includes four pin and blank-end blades and a blade wrench.

      In addition to Craftsman, Sears offers other trusted brands. So another scroll saw to check out while you're shopping today is the Rikon 16-inch Scroll Saw with Lamp. It's a variable speed scroll saw. The 5-inch blade can go from 550 to 1,650 strokes per minute. The cutting height is 2 inches tall with a 15 3/4-inch throat depth. The 10 1/16-inch by 16 1/4-inch table tilts, too, up to 45 degrees. The work lamp makes it easier for you to see where you're cutting, especially in low light situations.

      You can make beautiful designs for your woodworking projects, thanks to scroll saws. The designs will set your work apart, which is great if you sell some of your products. You can also customize a project, putting initials and other intricate touches on it. In addition to buying one today, look at the band saws, radial arm saws and power tool combo kits Sears has online. Turn to Sears when you need quality tools at budget-friendly prices.


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