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Take care of high-volume edging with shapers

If you like to do a lot of millwork, you might wonder if you need shapers to help you get the job done. Depending on your project needs, shapers can be an excellent choice. Just as you have thickness planers to help remove material from rough-hewn lumber, so you also need shapers to help you edge your stock. If you have a small home workshop, you might not find that a shaper gets a lot of use, but if you do a lot of building from the trees in your backyard forest, shapers can help you get the job done in record time.

Shapers can handle very large, long cuts which is great for long boards of lumber. Shapers are kind of like hard-core routers. They can make deep and powerful grooves into large and difficult pieces of wood. Likewise, they are durable enough to handle a large volume of work. If you need to shape a whole bunch of door panels or cabinet panels for your home, a shaper can get the job done in a fraction of the time with a lot less effort. While shapers are typically seen in commercial shops, they are still accessible to the average handyman.

A shaper is a very high-powered tool, and may be a little bit scary to use at first, but you will quickly adjust to it as you get used to adjusting the different settings to make the cuts you need. Any project with a raised design on a panel is a great fit for a shaper. This will allow you to attach a very personal touch to every corner of your home. The shaper is a more versatile tool than a router, though a router will probably suit the needs of most handymen just fine. A shaper can do just about everything a router can do, but it is a more commercial style of machine. Indeed, you can buy any number of attachments for your shaper to make any design or cut, because commercial operations need those attachments.

When choosing between a shaper and a router, you will first have to consider cost. A router table will probably be cheaper and can do a lot of basic cutting. If crown molding and baseboards are the extent of your millwork, then a router table should do the trick. It is a little more user-friendly and is perfectly practical for the hobbyist. If you are embarking on a head-to-toe renovation and you want to custom-create your doors and cabinetry, then a shaper is going to be essential for your work. A router just won't be able to handle a large volume, nor will it be easy to create intricately designed panels.

If you are looking for tools to add to your shop, look no further than Sears. We have everything from low-powered glue guns to efficient handheld power tools to fancy shapers that take the work out of your millwork. You know that you will find durable, dependable brands that have been household names for generations and are still affordable to the everyday handyman. Come in today to find everything you need to start and finish a new construction or renovation project in record time.

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