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      Finish your floors to perfection with the help of tile saws that help you cut through any tile

      After trying a few simple home renovation projects, you are ready to move on to your own flooring or bathroom projects, most of which involve tile. While laminate floors may seem easier and cheaper, you will still have to invest in laminate trimmers and a few other tools to complete the project. For only a little more effort and added cost, you can get a much nicer look with tile. Tile, though it takes a little more effort and time to install, will look better and last longer than laminate flooring. While you can purchase pre-cut tile squares, you may find it more economical to cut your own tile, or you may need to cut your squares down further to accommodate corners and end bits. Tile saws can help you take care of cutting tile in no time at all.

      The most simple style of tile saw is a hand tool that you use to cut your tile squares. It takes up very little space and is generally safer to operate than a power tool. If you are just renovating a room or two with pre-cut squares, this is probably all you will need. To operate a manual or handheld tile saw, you use the saw to score the tile where you want to cut it. Then you lay the tile square on the base of the saw, apply pressure to both sides of the scoring line and the tile should snap along your pre-scored line.

      For more heavy-duty or high volume work, you will want a power tile saw. These come in several varieties, including both handheld and tabletop models. A handheld tile saw is great on the job site, since it is easily portable and you can manipulate it into any position. A tabletop saw is great for large projects or a lot of repetitive work. When you are looking to purchase a power tile saw, keep an eye out for a few key characteristics. First, you want to make sure that your saw has a tough blade. Like concrete power tools, you will have the best luck if you use a diamond blade. This type of blade is durable and resistant to wear, and it can handle even the toughest tile. While you can certainly find cheaper tile saws without the diamond blade, you may have more in replacement costs down the road. Second, you will probably need a wet saw. This means that the blade is cooled with water as you work. This keeps everything running smoothly and will help save time in the long run since you won't have to stop periodically to let your blade cool. Some tile table saws come with wet saws and attached pans to collect the water so it doesn't run all over your shop.

      No matter what type of tile saw you choose, you are sure to love the hands-on approach you take to installing flooring, backsplashes and shower tile. You will have a sense of pride in a job well done. If you need help getting started with your tiling project, hop over to Sears, where you will find a large selection of tile saws and supplies to make even a beginner's project a piece of cake.


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